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  • Paul Bartush Jr.

COVID-19 Safety & Caution

Good evening North Texas,

How is everyone doing? Seems like the world has been completely shaken up the past few days. I hope everyone is staying healthy and taking the necessary steps to remain that way.

Over the course of the last week there have been a lot of changes to our daily lives. I’m still in shock that our schools, restaurants, public and sporting events are closed until further notice. Although it is a definitive change to our daily lives, it is a necessary change to ensure the health and safety of everyone around us. Each day brings new guidelines and changes that can help everyone stay healthy and keep from spreading an unwanted virus to others in our communities. Last weekend started off rough, with panic purchasing going on everywhere around us. While this was rocky at first, as each day passes, we see the good in humanity continue to rise to new heights. People truly are capable of wonderful accomplishments when we work together towards a common goal. We see the best each other in the midst of disaster. One day, I hope our world will understand that it doesn’t take a catastrophic event to be able to set aside our differences.

During this time of increased focus on health and cleanliness, I wanted to go over a few things we will be doing to make sure we are doing our part to combat the spread of this virus. Arnold’s Plumbing & Reroute Service will remain open unless mandated otherwise by the state. I understand the concern customers may have with working in different homes each day. We will be taking a very serious and methodical approach to maintain clean and safe work practices during this time. Upon each job completion, our work area and surroundings will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before we leave. Our tools and machines we use will also be cleaned and disinfected after each job to ensure we are creating the safest environment possible for each service call. I am 100% committed to achieve this with each call. At Arnold’s Plumbing, we take pride in maintaining a clean and safe workspace, and will take it one step further by disinfecting our surroundings when we have completed our tasks. At the end of each day, we will clean and disinfect our work van as well.

I want to give my customers peace of mind with every call we take, for quality of work, customer service, and health. During this time of increased awareness, it is very important we wash our hands and implement strategic health/work practices more proactively. A house and it’s plumbing is no exception to this rule. Plumbing that works properly is a huge aspect of maintaining a clean environment where we live and work. It is one of many necessary aspects to overcome this virus.

As I said before, I understand customers concerns with going to and from other places throughout the day. Rest assured, I will do my part to maintain the absolute safest environment possible for each of my customers and their families during this time. Please do not hesitate to call me or reach out with questions or concerns, especially if you need assistance.

Remember, be positive and focused!

- Paul T.

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